Quango caught selling Nessie theme already!

Well, it didn't take long for the shoddy quango, Historic Scotland, to forget its words and pledges at the Public Inquiry in June 1998.

Here's what Bob McIlwraith, Regional Director North, is recorded as saying (in the Reporter's final report to the Scottish Secretary of State):

"the roughly 4,000,000 project for Urquhart Castle is not propelled by any commercial motive of exploiting the castle's popularity for maximum profit. That would not accord with the range of Historic Scotland's duties toward the country's heritage. Historic Scotland carefully distances its interpretive displays and range of goods on sale from the 'Nessie' end of the tourist market and has no covert ambition to divert those interested in the Loch Ness Monster from the exhibitions and other busineses that cater for them in Drumnadrochit."

These words appear to be nothing more than a cynical sop to the Inquiry (ie. tell 'em what they want to hear) - click here to see how Historic Scotland already sought to cash in in off the back of the "Nessie" end of the market as they choose to call it.

See it there? Nothing about "built heritage" or Historic Scotland's "duties towards the country's heritage". Nothing interesting about the castle's colourful history. No. What it says is "Splendid views up and down the Loch, a popular viewpoint for monster spotting."

Strangely, after this website highlighted Hysterical Scotland's shameful text, it mysteriously changed (compare the texts closely!). Maybe we should set up a betting page so that we can all place bets on how soon after their new monster spotters "Nessie Millennium Dome" extravaganza opens, the original "monster spotting location" stuff will all be back on their website! These quangos seem to have no shame.

We call on Historic Scotland's Northern Director, Bob McIlwraith, to resign - or be sacked. We say the Public Inquiry should have been told the truth - Historic Scotland appear to want to scrape as much cash out of the "Nessie end of the market" as they can - that's what all this is about.

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