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 Urquhart Castle - ruined and destroyed

Hysterical Scotland is set upon ruining Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness. The "New Labour" Secretary of State effectively gave himself permission to turn this fine old landmark into little more than a fun park, prostituted in every way possible by his greedy government agency. The shameful quango, Historic Scotland's apparent contempt of this landmark of Scottish history and culture is now quite obvious. They even want to dump a pathetic looking "rotunda" on top of their new visitor bunker - complete with their own marketing flag on a pole.

Nessie on the Net assumes that it will only be a short time until a full blown burger bar or "drive-through" appears, completing the desecration. Historic Scotland is so clearly unfit to look after this castle - history will judge this unelected quango hard for the rape of the landscape it is about to commit.

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