Here's what a few voters said about the Urquhart Castle plans...

Welcome to Tourist Trap International. As a person who lives in an area similar to Scotland (the Ozark mountains in southern Missouri), I have seen the results of commercial exploitation at its finest. All I have to do is look south to Branson. The billboards outnumber the people, and the tour busses outnumber the dogs. If you really want to see what "redevelopment" will do to YOUR country side look at Branson. It ain't pretty.

As an architect, as well as a Scots-American, I take umbrage at any development (no matter its architectural excellence!) which would disturb and sic alter the pristine quality of Loch Ness. I have personally visited throughout Scotland in 1986 and am convinced that its culture and historical integrity must be protected by its native inhabitants as well as those of us whose heritage also lies there. I submit that the beauty of Loch Ness and its surrounding villages, such as Drumnadrochit, , Dochgarroch, Lochend, Brachla,Strone, Lewiston, Invermoriston, Levishie, Fort Augustus, Foyers, Dores,Inverfarigaig, and Scaniport, to name but a few, is ill-served by developers whose sole motive is purely fiduciary.


The castle is a landmark. It is something for young people like me to learn from. I'm 17, and I have a desire to learn all I can about Scottland and it's heritage. I wish to visit the castle in its origional splendour. Any devolopment would ruin the beauty of this historical treasure. Please, if you have any heart, leave the beautiful Urquhart Castle the way it is.

It is awful that anyone would wish to change the beauty that already exists. I hope that by voting I can help.

Are you daft? This is something we Americans do! You're fortunate to have a LONG history; I wish we did. Haven't been, but from what I see on TV and in books, the Loch area is a great place to be preserved.

Any changes to this historic castle, or it's environs, is nothing short of INSANE!!! Don't you know that once something like this is lost it can NEVER be replaced? I want to come to Scotland someday and see the highlands where some of my ancestors are from, but NOT if it's just going to be a collection of diners and gift shops-- I can stay here for that.

The true value of an historic attraction such as Urquhart lies in its PRESERVATION. Any so-called "improvement" would, in truth, ruin the historical and tourism value for all con- cerned. If you TRULY had the good of the community in mind you would never have proposed such an ill-considered plan.

When you see the buty of the site, it would really be terrible to change it. However a shuttle from inverness to the castle would be a great idea and a good opportunity for people who don't have a car to visit this site. Nice virgin areas are so few, don't ruin this one.

Keep things as they are. Are the planners trying to turn this into an American-style tourist trap or what?

I think that everyone should be able to enjoy the castle and not have to mess with all the crap going on.

I live in Scotland, and as such feel entitled to an opinion that should be listened to.

Thank you to the people who are alerting the world of this crisis. I am totally against this development and "interpretation". Someday, when I visit I want see what my great-great- grandfather Donald McBain saw when he lived there. I do not want to see a tourist trap. So many historical places are being developed and "ruined." Do not do it to Urquhart Castle, too! Please leave it unspoiled and natural. Take your plans and leave!

After visiting this wonderful castle in Sep 1995, the things I renember most are the peaceful area surrounding the castle and the bagpipes that played. Don't turn it into just another commerical tourist attraction! Keep it like it is and just upgrade the road and the carpark!

Coming from a country where buildings 50 years old are considered historic, I find it unbelievable that anyone could consider the commercial tourist development of such an ancient and world famous site. Developments such as an extended car park, visitor centre or restaurant would significantly detract from the beauty and historic importance of the site. A major car park, visitor centre and restaurant would be better sited in the village, with a shuttle bus, walking and cycling tracks to connect to the castle site.

Are you daft? This is something we Americans do! You're fortunate to have a LONG history; I wish we did. Haven't been, but from what I see on TV and in books, the Loch area is a great place to be preserved.

In the interests of historical integrity, the Castle should be kept in its current state. A new road and car park would be lovely, but they should be forgotten entirely if their creation cannot be done without also constructing a visitor center and restaurant. The natural state of the landscape is of paramount importance - do not destroy the beauty of the Castle.

It was a pleasant change to come to a country where one wasn't greeted by costumed buffoons in an interpretation centre and where there wasn't a greasy spoon/hamburger joint on every corner or within spitting distance of an important site. Do everything you can to keep that gorgeous country from becoming a Disneyland ! I say feed the developers to Nessie. The castle should stay open for all to see.

What is needed is more public transport and genuine measures to discourage car use. This is obviously part of a wider issue - Loch Ness cannot be treated as a single issue alone. Ideally, no car park at all should be needed, because no one will use a car to get there.

Just leave it as it is (don't make it uglier)

I deplore the trend towards packaging everything into an "experience", usually expensive, when the real thing is there. Tourism is an essential part of the local economy and should be supported, but I question whether this is the way to do it.

The best environmental option must not be considered, it should be implemented without question.

My final year Environmental Science students have carried out an informal Environmental Impact Assessment on the different options and their decisions are lodged with adrian Shine at the Loch Ness Project Centre based at the Drumnadrochit Hotel. I think the main opinion was that something needs to be done but with as little environmental disruption as possible. A frequent shuttle bus and/or tourist narrow gauge steam train between Drum and the castle might be option, with a nominal charge for the shuttle bus and more of a charge for the train. A carpark extension is needed ( but where you put it is a matter of debate). A visitor centre & restaurant would almost certainly detract from the tourist industry in Drum, and it would be wrong to replace the livelihoods of the local people and move the centre of gravity of tourism and village life away from the village centre. Sewage discharges would need to be considered carefully. The current sewage treatment works is not sufficient to cope with current conditions sometimes. Improve the approach road if possible. Don't damage the lochside woodland SSSI. Don't pollute the loch or cause excessive discharges of sediment into it. Important scientific research is currently analysing this unique and sensitive site.Please don't let it be damaged! Encourage informed, environmentally aware visitors.

Although I have never visited the site, I would one day love to. Part of the draw is the history of the site. And while tourism does change things, I especially appreciate visiting the site and "transforming back in time." I was fortunate enough many years ago to visit, Rota, Spain where Christopher Columbus's castle still stands. It was a very unique experience for both myself and the girl scout troup I was chaperoning. There was no glitz or hype, it was simply the castle as it stood long ago. The movies never do justice to a true historical setting. Nor do improve- ments. The girl scouts and I would not have gotten near as much out of the castle, including its steep, narrow stair way, cold dirt floors, barren rock walls, if it had been modernized. Please consider this as you plan out the future of the castle.

I had the fortunate opportunity to visit Urquhart Castle on a late June evening in the summer of 1993. The day was with in one or two of the summer solstice, and the northern sky never dimmed below a warm twilight. It was on this night that I experienced something I will remember for the rest of my life. In the dark, serene setting, on the shores of Loch Ness...the castle was nothing less than moving to witness. To Imagine what it must've been like during the day of this great castle was no diificult task. I still get goosebumps when I remember my visit. To imagine this same majestic castle in the midst of a cacaphony of tourist buses, it's solitude forever disrupted by opportunistic private capital interests is an abomination I'll never support!! This castle has stood tall against the centuries, and surely will stand long after the men who seek to devalue it, and their children, are gone. We are but a blink of an eye in the life of time, and we have the chance to preserve a most palpable, moving and ominous chapter from the history of our world. Please don't allow this obnoxious development destroy a place so dear to the very heritage of our world! I don't know if what I've written is merely "singing to the choir, or if my words might be passed on to a place or person who might use in defense of the castle. My hopes and heart are with you!

Keep Scotland, SCOTLAND !!!

the balance between so called "development" and areas that can relate to and preserve history is being shifted by plain and simple human emotion= GREED

Greetings... As most of my ancestry is from Scotland, I am more than happy to cast my vote in favor of no concrete! I live in a tourist area (Daytona Beach, FL. USA) and have seen enough "progress" to last me a lifetime. We wish you luck!

The relative solitude of the site is half the attraction!

I first visited Scotland in 1989 (my father was born in Dundee) and made four more trips and will do so again this year to attend the first-ever World Gathering of Clan Rattray at Blairgowrie&Rattray. What I marvelled at in Scotland was to find myself visiting sites that I only knew from the history books, my God, they do exist! The Rattray ancestral home (Craighall) is just one example and is over 500 years old. In this ever-expanding global village it is vital to maintain links with the past, it is our history, our heritage, a way of life that had values and meanings which are too often forgotten today. Save Urquhart and you save Scotland!

Make sure it stays

Visitors are interested in how a historic site was, not how it looks after being changed.

As a Scot, I strongly support the view that Urquart Castle should be left in as near an original form as possible. To plant a bus park and forest next to it is committing historic Hari-Kari to the site. Why not build a multi-storey car park instead ! You could screen it with Californian redwoods ! The castle has a beautiful view over the loch and is very photogenic from the loch and surrounding area. DO NOT SPOIL THIS FEATURE or forever lose the site - to a modern day culture that doesn't care about the past. Support our historic monuments - keep them historic !

I would propose development, but under the joint control of council & local people. Expansion WILL happen, but those living in the area as well as the council are the best people to see that it doesn't go in the wrong direction. Change is inevitable now or later. The world always moves on. I have loved passing Urquart castle on my trips north since childhood, but do not love the chaos that summer brings to the area.

Please continue to maintain the castle in good repair!

Although I don't live in Scotland (or Europe,even) or never have been to Loch Ness, and although I don't believe or disbelieve in the Loch Ness Monster( I have yet to be swayed either way on the subject) I believe that all buildings of historical value should be protected(especially those of Europe).

Please do not destroy the character and appearance of this famous site. Try to avoid the 'DisneyLand' approach to unique historical sites. Thank you. (my children will also thank you, when they're old enough to realise....)

any castle and historic site such as at loch ness shold be kept open and it atracts forgien torist to the area which helps the local economy

I don't really know what it is, but it sounds neat, and I'd really like to go and see it! I may just be a kid, but I'm smart!

As a student of Scots literature, it is terrible to see the greed and tenacity usually reserved for American developers rear its ugly head in the Highlands. Allowing any party to plow through the Castle and surrounding area is to simply beg for an uninterested, monetarily-motivated corporate juggernaut to author the misfortune of Scots history. The culture has too long been subjugated for other interests.

The area immediatly surrounding the castle should be kept as natural as possible,however the current siuation regarding parking at the castle is totally unsatisfactory,there is no coach parking facilities avaliable at the castle and the car park entrance itself is an accident blind spot. Something has to be done about the parking facilities. The views of the current tourist business owners should not be allowed to carry too much weight many are more concerned over keeping their own slice of the pie rather than allowing controlled small scale development. There should not be an overly massive abuse of the area......after all there are already three developments in the area as it is.

I've not been to Urquhart Castle, but hope to someday. To me, the surroundings of the British historical sites I've been to is as important as the actual building, monument, or whatever. They help "set the scene," provide historical context, and allow the visitor to step back into time. Since I haven't yet been to Urquhart, I don't know if the road needs improving or not; however, it seems to me a shuttle bus from the village would be beneficial in two ways -- reducing the need for lots of parking spaces near the castle and encouraging visitors to support the local economy by spending money in pubs or shops. And I think providing access for the disabled is always an admirable accomplishment.

I vote for there to be no development to Urquhart Castle and it's car park. I think that this beautiful castle will be ruined if development and commercialisation takes place. The local people are against this development. Their views should be taken into account. This is a completely unnecesary development

I have visited Loch Ness twice and the Highlands three times. I strongly urge you to avoid constructing any facilities that encourage large group tours. Here in Alaska, large captive tour groups have ruined the experience for individual travelers who tend to stay longer and leave more money in the local economy, because they tend to stay in locally owned accomodation and eat and drink in locally owned pubs and restaurants.

Too much these days is being impeded or defaced in the interest of progress.With a bit of proper planning you may have both. The castle has been there for centuries don't destroy the ambiance of the setting for the sake of a few pounds profit

I visited the site 2 years ago, and was extremely impressed with the lack of commercialism. It allowed you to imagine things as they might have once been, and kept people in a pensive mood, as they watched the Loch for Nessie.

How dare you! You who would do this for the almight pound, dollar, shekkle, or whatever money is driving you to destroying our heritage! Even if the castle were only but a few stones high, it still represents something that has long outlived your so called "new and improved" development. Think of the litter, pollution and degradation of that landmark. Please, do not construct anything even remotely related to a "tourist trap" just for the convenience of a few. Build it in the town! That is what towns are for! Leave the landscape as such, not "land-scalped".

I want to vote to save the castle

I can not speak for the entire Clan Donald but I can speak for my part of the Clan and we are very interested in the preservation of heritage and history. We are also very interested in the environment and what can be done to decrease human greed in this area. We do understand that human needs must be met but we also realize that human needs can be just as satisfied and fulfilled without the expense or sacrifice of the natural world that makes up our environment. Those who are enpowered with the responsibility of changing the lay of the land are merely caretakers not owners of the land over which they maintain dominion and are fools to think otherwise.

Castles are good representations of past times. The castle should be kept as it is.

I think they should keep the castle in the lake. The castle is the best part of the lake. Keep the spirit of Nessie in the castle. Nessie is my favorite monster.

I think this is an exellent way to attract peoples attention to matters of interest that are otherwise drowned in the flood of world news. My son Martin (11 years) is doing a project on Scotland and these homepages have added life to the ongoing history of the scottish highlands. Thank you for providing this information! Snowy greetings from Uppsala, Sweden. Cecilia Winrow.


As a tourist from the USA last summer (PROUDLY and nationalistically of Scottish descent), it was very, very important to me to show my children (ages 10 and 12) what I thought were the lessons that Scotland has to teach the world. It was very important that they see and touch many of these sites, to awaken those senses perhaps deadened by too mcuh American TV! They went home impressed by the natural and achitectural beauty, the conservation and care of the environment, not wasting anything, people who have time to talk and listen, and a deep-rooted fear of black pudding. CONSISTENT with these lessons was the manner in which many historic sites had been preserved. I live in a part of the USA "poluted" by overdevelopment. My experience tells me that whenever provate interests from outside a community are repsonsible for development, that is exactly whom the development benefits, and no one else. IF IT IS NECESSARY to expand the use of an historic site, it must be controlled locally and all impacts -- scenic, environmental, spiritual, historic, economic -- must be considered. It is these things that have made Scotland the leader and the treasure that she is, and they cannot be sqandered in the name of profit without destroying the very things that Scotland is.

We here in Canada are just beginning to realize the importance of preserving our heritage sites. It saddens me to think that such beautiful and historic sites are so disregarded. Good Luck!!!

I would not like to see the Urquhart Castle change and prefer not to see a visitor centre and restaurant development.

I've not been to visit yet, but, my wife and I will be arriving in exactly 1 month for a trip through the Lake District and into Scotland. We've been to Great Britain once before, and one of the things I enjoyed most were the various castles, ruins or otherwise, the ruins of the abbeys and churches, and the sense of history that I got from it all. Visitor centers, big parking lots, and masses of people don't add a thing to the experience! Please do not destroy the appeal of the site. (I thought the way Stonehenge was done was quite acceptable. The facilities were positioned so as to be out of site from the monument. Very much appreciated. Makes for better photos, too.)

While it is fine and dandy for some to have expensive tourist sites there are many sites for tourist to go to which do not cost a cent. One good example of this is here in Virginia. We have Colonial Williamsburg. While it does cost to go in some of the buildings the Colonial area as a whole is free and the area has been restored to the way it was when Williamsburg, VA. was the Colonial capitol. This is truly a lovely area to visit and is close enough to go to for the day so that you really feel as though you have gotten away from the hectic pace of life. Very well planned area to say the least!

What do they want to do? A new EuroDisney? Please, keep the Urquhart Castle and the Loch Ness on a free nature environment.

The idea of building a new car park is completely distasteful. In rural areas, further traffic growth should be discouraged. What about promoting green tourism, encouraging cycle access (eg Great Glen cycle route), or a shuttle tourist bus from Inverness (similar to the Trossachs Trundlers)? Encouraging car-based tourism in sensitive areas will only accelerate the destruction of those areas. The only traffic down the A82 should be buses, bikes and that which is necessary for people who live in the area! Oh, just noticed your comment about a cycle route proposal :)

This "development" is a disgrace and needs to be thoroughly re-examined. I have been away from Scotland for many years but have returned frequently to visit. On my last visit, we took a tour of the Loch Ness area and were horrified to find a policeman directing traffic at the Urqhart Castle car park. I could not imagine a more unsettling experience. The Castle site 25 years ago was still pristine and certainly needs to be returned to the way it was, not further developed. Run a shuttle and leave things alone. Too much of Scotland has changed to accomodate big business and 'paid' politicians.

I have traveled widely and have visited many historic places. I have seen how the placement of car lots and restaurants and other new facilities next to a site has negatively impacted the site. I also have visited places that have found creative ways to preserve a site's ancient beauty and have a visitors center -- in the USA, Thomas Jefferson's home of Monticello near Charlottesville, Virginia is an example. The visitor center is several miles from the site and works quite well. Colonial Williamsburg (Williamsburg, Virginia) also has located its visitor center, restaurants, and enormous parking lot at a distance and linked it via shuttle buses to the historic district. I am quite concerned about proposed development plans for the Castle for several reasons: (1) historic preservation (perserve not only the building, but the historic setting!), (2) environmental aesthetics (keep auto pollution, congestion, and commercialism minimal), and (3) personal issues (ancestors from at least one of my family lines once owned and cared for this region long ago -- I personally want my ancestral homeland preserved). In efforts to make this site more conducive to tourism, please do not destroy it! People want to see the Castle and journey back through time -- automobiles and modern buildings next to the Castle will spoil the effect. The Castle and its land is a treasure -- please preserve it. Work with the villagers of the area, not against them. Seek out win-win solutions.

I am sure tourists visiting this beautiful area of Scotland, would prefer to see an undeveloped castle in its original surroundings - I know I would. I have been to Urquhart Castle, and enjoyed the visit, but I don't think I would want to stop there again if it becomes more developed.

If the area gets the development that is described I will refuse to visit. I will visit if it does not undergo the massive changes that are described in the previous documents. Please keep natural resources "NATURAL". We in the USA know only too well the price to be paid when development is let loose unchecked.

I have visited Urquhart Castle on several occasions. Loch Ness is one of my favorite locations in what is my favorite place in the world, the Scottish Highlands. Take it from someone who has seen the results of "tourist development" far too many times, don't develop Urquhart Castle or its surroundings any more! Those of us who appreciate surroundings with minimal human disturbance will only move on to more remote surroundings. What you will be left with is a dramatic eyesore and thousands of vistors who have no appreciation or care for the history and remarkable physical beauty of the region. Are low-paying tourist season jobs really worth it?

The Mystic of the castle ruins is the history that you feel when visiting the site. DON'T Change a thing except perhaps the facilities neewd upgrading a bit.

I strongly discourage any development upon this historic sight. So little of our hertitage is left to us that each impostion upon it is a greater insult than the last. If any "development" is needed it will not come with the laying of concrete, but by respecting the land and leaving it to raise the spirits of those who travel by.

I believe that you should try to leave everything as unchanged as possible. Everyone in the world knows about Nessie, and the thought that developers want to cash in on it as a huge vacation spot is pathetic. By all means visitors are important, but they want to enjoy the majestic beauty as much as the legend itself. So please try to keep any improvements minimal.

If investors want to make money they should think about buying or building some sort of inn and possibly a restaraunt. These should be built in such a fassion that they look like they were there for a long time. I have seen the effects of development in small country towns, It was not a pretty picture!

Lets do the best thing .....

I would like to vote to save Urquhart castle. This is an irreplaceable and historic landmark. I cannot believe that anyone would consider destroying it or harming it in any way.

The car park and access must be improved. However NO centre should be built at the castle. The villages of Lewiston and Drumnadrochit should get better facilities from Historic Scotland. Better roads and car parking is required in the village from the council.

Keep Scotland the way it was meant to be - beautiful!

Please, keep the area as close to its natural state, as possible.

I have always dreamed of visiting the true Scotland, not a turist park. I am heartsick at the idea thet all the true history and beuaty will be lost before I can get there to see it!! Please don't let that happen!

Well, I live in Canada. It has *always* been a dream of my father's to visit the site, but I don't think when he learnt about it was a major money making place. He'd much rather visit it as it was (as it should be) and I would rather send him to that.

Personally, I do not like large "modern" visitor sites when I visit Europe. Scotland has some of the world's most beautiful scenery. It would be nice to keep it that way.

What a shame it is to hear that the famous Urquhart Castle is slated for commercial development! I can only imagine what sort of twisted plans are in the works for this historical site. "Loch Ness" is famous for the assumed monster that inhabits its waters. While I may not believe that such a thing exists, I'm sure that certain individuals have already started planning a theme park centered around the well-known legend. Very nice. So not only are they willing to risk damaging a historically significant structure, but they also will ruin any chance of finding the answer to the mystery of Loch Ness. Do not make it any easier for this area to be paved over and made into a tourist attraction.

I would like to recast my vote after fully reading what the development company plans to do to the area around Urquhart Castle. I was filled with disgust!!! Can't people leave history and the environment alone? There is too much corporate greed in the world, much to my shame, is in the US. No development!!! is my vote and I stand by it 150%.

Please don't overdevelop a lovely piece of history such as Urqhart Castle. I visited there in 1994 and found it wonderful. The only improvements I can think of are maybe improving the existing road and car park, nothing else!!

Urquhart Castle was a highlight of our trip to Scotland in 1987, and my daughters visited again on their trip last year. I sincerely hope that its beauty is preserved in accordance with the wishes of those fortunate enough to live in its vicinity.

I have seen too many "tourist traps" in my travels. I have also seen beautiful, unspoilt areas which I return to again and again. I have been in Inverness only once (although my great grandparents came from nearby Dingwall) but hope to get back next year. Please don't fall into the short-term greed trap! It would be a shame to have Inverness become another Lourdes!

I agree totally with the author of the piece. Scotland was "bought and sold for English gold once before - in the Union! (And little profit had she from the arrangement!) The "developers" (read RAPISTS), are the same smarmy bastards as are ruining America and the world, for "thirty pieces of silver". STOP THEM NOW!! (BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE FOR URQUHART,SCOTLAND, AND THE WORLD.

Urquart Castle is part of our national heritage and to that end we should protect it from ANYONE involved with the Government, who wants to develop the site.

Leave the highlands most brilliant castle alone go smeg off down to london and leave our country alone.

This is a place were a legend has been told,it desreves to be saved and protected for the future.I have been there,and although I did not see Nesse,its still fun to keep the dream alive.

As a past and fuure visitor to Britain and an avid student of Britain's history, I oppose any move to disfigure the landmarks of this great country.

On the three different occasions when I have stopped to visit the castle, I have had horrible experiences in the car park, and while entering and exiting. I would like to see this situation improved, and the tour buses exiled to a seperate lot. The road should be improved, but only to the extent necessary to improve visibility of the entry and exit of the park, and to provide warning of the congested area. I am an American of Scottish descent, but I ordinarily do not choose to express political opinions on Scottish internal issues, as I am poorly informed. In this case, I have first hand experience, and I feel that public safety is an issue, so I am making a rare exception.

the creature will be disturbed if anything with noise involved is is heard.

I visited Urguhart Castle this past summer. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not change a thing. It was beautiful, tranquil and inspiring. It is one of my favorite memories of Scotland.

My husband and I visited the castle in 1977, and I think it was the highlight of my life. I will remember my visit for ever and ever. My husband is dead now, but this wonderful memory is ever so cherished. I would be very sad to think of this lovely wild place as having been changed into a tourist trap. I only hope desparate measures will be taken to save this beautiful place forever.

Behold yet another "blind" attempt in "improving" our planet. Mans constant inability to plan for the survival of our world wide historic sites because he is blinded by his greed, shall not only be the death of our ancestory, but of our planet as well. One can only hope that those who plan for the future of our heritage can join in hands and attempt to open the eyes of progress so that it may respect the fact that without its ancestors it would have never made it this far.

Leave it as it is!!!! There is a parkingplace(however very small) I think it looked like a ru´ne should look! NO need to change anything. Ru´ns aren't suppossed to have big parking places and restaurants, it takes away the reallity on how it was in the early days! And isn't that the reason why people visit these old places? To look how people lived in those days? So DON'T TOUCH Urquhart castle! A Scottisch country lover from Holland.

no change at all (what so ever

Keep everything as it is. It will be a greater tourist sight. If it is changed then people will have a different view over the whole thing. The Urquhart Castle is a beautiful place and it should remain that way.No new improvements, nothing. eep the old beauty and remains.

I look forward to making my first trip to Scotland, Great Britain and Ireland in the next year or two. I am angry at hearing about the proposed development/destruction of Urquhart Castle. Coming from the U.S., a young country, I want to visit many historic sites which I hope to be able to explore and study in as untouched a state as possible. As a tourist, I am most interested in learning about local history and culture by meeting people and through researching local resources, while avoiding those which obviously cater to tourists. Whether at home or traveling, I always try to support local businesses, and find it objectionable that the developers are fighting the residents. However, I do support road improvements and a shuttle to help make the site accessible for all.


The castle is part of the beautiful countryside. Too much has already been spoiled by re-development and change

Leave the decision up to the people who live in the area and if the local people decide that this development is needed then so be it. However, maximum development of an area totally ruins the atmosphere of serene places. If the road needs improvement then improve the road. Environmental conservation along with site preservation outways the economic growth which developers always say will be created by more development. Power to the people!

It saddens me to think that the historic value and beauty of such a castle could be ignored because somone sees the opportunity to make money .

Living in the Far east, I've seen far too much done to aid tourism which ends up spoiling the natural beauty of the country concerned. The attraction of many beautiful unspoilt areas of our world would surely diminish considerably should too much be done to try to `improve' them. Please leave the beauty of Urquhurt Castle and Loch Ness unspoilt for ourselves,our children and our children's children.

Keep the castle as the same as it is intended to be; a historical landmark for people to look at, not to do anything else. Nessie would get mad at you if you did!!

Please allows the owners of Urquhart Castle and the property which surrounds it to exercise their right of ownership to the fullest extent. Please delay their desires only to provide opportunity for opponents of development to buy the castle and its surrounding property. Anything else is theft and trespass! What comes around goes around!

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