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Sooner than anyone dreaded was possible -

the beginning of the end for much loved Urquhart Castle?

What have they done to this treasured site?

Urquhart Castle - beauty and landscape shattered
 - this is what you will see now when come to visit the Castle
Even Nessie is shocked...

If you had any doubts about the seriousness of the threat to Urquhart Castle - please read on:
During the dawn hours, with no one about to see them, Historic Scotland ordered a HELICOPTER to airlift a monstrous portacabin over the heads of the local community and right into the middle of the delicate and sensitive Castle grounds. This ugly modern shack is to be a SHOP; unrestrained greed right in the heart of this previously unspoilt 13th century artifact that lies next to an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).

The abuse of the trust placed in them by the public is terrifying and marks a new low in a littany of reprihensible actions by unelected and despotic quangos throughout this land. Would you buy a second hand car from these people - much less trust them with a 2.5 million pound investment of European tax payer's money to DEVELOP the Castle? Helicopters, dawn raids, shoddy portacabins? So arrogant are Historic Scotland that they couldn't even find it within themselves to put a discrete little wooden shop to the side of the Castle grounds. It HAD TO BE AS HIDEOUS AS POSSIBLE right in the middle of the cherished ground. That's how they treat us and it shows how much they care about YOU, your holiday and your memories of your stay here. "In, out and cash in the bank" - that's all that matters about visitors to the Castle. But now, through Nessie on the Net!, you can VOTE to save the Castle and your message will be passed on to planners and government.

Urquhart Castle has stood proudly and with dignity for 750 years - the very finest of Scotland's landmarks. A true treasure that deserves so much better than Historic Scotland. Beautiful for its scenery and majesty - yet this pathetic little government agency has put the ugliest possible kind of shop right into the middle of the site! It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

This is shameful arrogance and total contempt for local feelings about culture, history and values. These people are a disgrace to the office they hold and we hope you will help us remove them and their monstrosity from the Castle.

Urquhart Castle - before her dignity was sacrificed
     - the view you would have seen before she was violated

If you are outraged at this rape of the landscape then PLEASE act to stop it. What can you do?
If you haven't done so already, VOTE and your vote and any comments will be delivered to the planning authorities. Your concern is the only thing that can STOP them. PLEASE NOTE: Historic Scotland almost certainly has many other nasty plans for this Castle, which they evidently consider as nothing more than a giant Milsch Cow from which to suck every last penny. Please, please come back to these pages regularly because we will, via a network of concerned local people, attempt to keep you informed of developments - both good and bad.Historic Scotland told Nessie on the Net! that this crumby blot on the landscape is temporary (but they admit that means at least TWO YEARS! You know government (particulary unelected government) - how much longer will it really be, 2,5 or 10 years and how much worse can they make it look?

If there are lawyers, European Environmental Specialists or anyone else willing to give the benefit of their own special skills to the fight to save Urquhart Castle, please email: urquhart@lochness.co.uk. Thank you.

Without you Castle Urquhart is doomed. She cries out now for your help.

VOTE to save Urquhart Castle
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