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Park & Ride Hypocrisy

During the Public Inquiry, Hysterical Scotland trashed The Urquhart Castle Action Groups idea of a Park & Ride as a viable alternative to the 4 million tourist Mecca.

Borlum Farm Park & RideHow odd, then, that they should co-operate with Northern Constabulary, National Roads Directorate and Borlum Farm to create just such a scheme this summer!

Borlum provided a field and a sixteen-seater minibus and the tax payer kindly laid-on traffic wardens (something not provided to any hard pressed local businesses).

It is quite clear that Hysterical Scotland told the Public Inquiry one thing and did another; Park & Ride seems to work very nicely - it's just that Hysterical Scotland are greedy about their famous monster spotting location.

Let's be quite clear: Historic Scotland is spending 4 million on a visitor centre to milk every last possible penny out of every last visitor that they can grab away from desperate and struggling local village businesses. It's not enough to provide a Park & Ride service to the castle - they feel that destroying the beautiful location of the castle is worthwhile if it gives them the chance to cash in on shopping franchises, coffee shops and general tourist tat.

So, now we know: it is proved once and for all that Park & Ride works and this visitor centre is solely about greed and profit at the expense of history, heritage, culture and the environment.

Here's a movie of the castle chaos...

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