Shocking new evidence that Nessie hunts on land for food

Press Release

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Professor Plume Phd MgPollkP GHdiY FghTTR (Loch Ness Research Team Leader) has just released dramatic new evidence in support of a land based predatory Loch Ness Monster. Speaking from his Loch Ness project unit, the esteemed project leader said he was at first “shocked” and then “awed” by what he uncovered on a remote Loch Ness side pathway.

“We have been looking for proof that Nessie is capable of hunting on land ever since some local so-called researchers debunked the idea of a colony of monsters due to lack of food within the loch. Now we have found it. Nessie doesn’t rely on eels, plankton or seaweed; she can hunt down any beast in nearby farms or forests and has the strength to rip mature trees out of the ground. The photos I took are so shocking that we have put them onto the next webpage to give people a pause before looking at them. We would strongly advise anyone of a weak disposition not to read any further. Nessie is obviously an extraordinarily powerful beast unafraid to roam the loch side and pillage its meagre resources”.

Click here to see examples of the power of the Loch Ness Monster.

The Highlands of Scotland Tourist Board (HOST) was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.

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