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Jenn Kruza Period 6
Country: USA
Comments: This website is really cool!! Mrs. Carraher I found the extra credit!! Lol

Name: Brianna Ortiz
Country: USA
Comments: The best thing I liked was the live video cam. I think this is a great idea. Brianna Ortiz from Naples, Florida
Name: Brittany Woodring-5
Country: United States
Name: Danielle Rosen Period 6
Country: USA
Comments: Cool site and I FINALLY found Mrs.Carraher's extra credit!!!
Name: Jill Sidisky .. period 1
Country: USA
Comments: Hey everyone!! Cya tomorrow!!
Name: Caitlin Brown
Country: USA
Comments: Caitlin Brown first period!
Name: Laura S.-1
Name: Brett Eckler-1
Country: U.S.A.
Comments: It a kool sight
Name: David Alpert Period 6
Country: U.S.ofA
Comments: hey mrs carraher i found it!!!!!!
Name: Seth Hollander
Country: United States
Comments: I am in First Period And I think the site is cool
Name: Desiree-1
Country: USA
Comments: Hi Mrs. Carraher
Name: Christian Bohn
Country: U.S.A.
Comments: This is a cool site.
Name: Jenn Kruza Period 6
Country: USA
Comments: This Website is cool!! Mrs. Carraher I found the extra credit!!Lol
Name: Adam Smith
Country: USA
Comments: I helped Justin shoot Nessie in the head with his paintball gun before we stragled him with the rope.
Name: Justin Frankel
Country: USA
Comments: I saw nessie he was running through my backyard and i tied a rope around his head and killed him
Name: Cosmin Plavita
Country: USA
Comments: 6th period.i told ya it was here.told ya told ya. this web site is very interactive.1o pints all mine.
Name: vincent negroski
Country: usa
Comments: hi people
Name: Kyle Gramm-1
Country: usa
Comments: absolutely none
Name: juan
Country: united states
Comments: is this the extra credit
Daniella Pool-3
Country: usa Comments: This web-site is very cool!Mrs.Carraher,Do I get my extra credit?seeya tomarrow. I haven't seen the monster yet.I hope to see it.
juan rivera State: florida,collier Country: united states Comments: is this the extra credit mrs. carraher????
Name: Mrs. Carraher
Country: USA
TO ALL MRS. CARRAHER'S 7TH GRADE STUDENTS: Congratulations! You found the extra credit. Simply sign in the guestbook with your name and period and I'll give you 10 bonus points. Have you seen Nessie yet?
I loved the pictures of Nessie! Keep going!
Linn Andersson <
I think Nessie is a really freaky monster because its big and scary and we dont know what it is but we have some idea.Any way I think shes cool!!
Amanda Antoniou<>
Where are you Nessie? My family and I are really into all the information we can find about you. We hope to go to Scotland some day and look for you...Sue
Sue Callow <
Iam learning about Nessie in school and I heard about this website so I got on it at home witch is right now.I am only nine years old and in the 3rd grade.this website is COOL! Love a big Nessie fan, Kayla

Kayla Millsap < What a great site. I really love the live web-cam on Loch Ness: 'maybe you'll see the monster yourself'.
Colette Hoogeveen < I really belive in nessie and I really want to come to Loch Ness and see her for myself I would really appreciate if you sent me a list of merchandise to my email address and then I could buy something from it. ByeBye
Paul McGuinness <
Some people sy that the Loch Ness Monster is just someone pulling a prank but i don't think it is. But I don't I don't care what anyone says I will always believe in nesie whatever anyone says!
Andrew Caldwell <
I think Nessie is the coolest, most beautiful thing on the face of the planet. The only things comparable are the other lake monsters. This is noble work you guys are doing. You're all pure energy.

Got here by accident but it's a very cool site with lots of great info. Hope to come and visit in the next couple of years. Keep up the good work.
Dorthi Linton <
nessie I like your guestbook.
My dad and my nan are Scottish, and I have been to Scotland a few times. I think that when people say that Nessie does'nt exist then they can shut thier MUCKLE MOO'S!!! I believe in Nessie, I believe!!!!!! Me and my sister Katie, are doing research on Nessie, and science can't prove anything, long live Nessie!!!!! Most of you think that you have to see something to believe in it, but the truth is, you have to believe in something to be able to see it. I have never seen Nessie, but I believe in her,and thats why ,someday,I think I will see her. I believe, Do you????????????
No 1 Nessie Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Becky Higgins) <
When I get older,my friends and I are going to come down there and prove that Nessie exists.
Lauren <
I'm known as the Myth Master. Let me set the record straight! The word 'Myth' to most people means "false tales" It isn't a False tale Wizards, Dragons, Griffins, mermaids,fairies,elves ,and even Leprechauns are all real creatures. I'm going to tell you how 'Nessie' is real. I know how he got there, When he got there, and why he's there. If you think about it, most myths come from the Dark Ages. The age of castles, knights, and Kings.I know for a fact that this is how our monster got there: A king, who was battling another kingdom was desperate to be the one who rose victorious.He had a spy in the enemies ranks. The spy informed the King of the enemy's plan. The plan was to take several boats out on the water. The way they figured it, they could be safe out on the water while firing arrows and boulders at the approaching enemy on the shore. The King,worried that the plan might work, dropped to his knees and prayed to the Goddess of the Seas. Seeing that he was the more noble of the two kings at war, the goddess decided to help the king. At that very moment it began to storm. it stormed for days, posponing the enemys plan. The heavy winds caused a whirl pool that divided the water causing the center of the lake to be visible. The rain seemed to be falling everywhere yet it was all landing into the center of the lake.3 days passed and on the third night lightning struck the lake, and all was calm. After this the enemy started to set up its ship in the water. The king saw this and was frightened that the Goddess had not heard his prayer. On the day of the final battle The King held his soldiers back and decided to go nagociate peace. When he arrived he did not find a Battle ship,nor soldiers. The Goddess appeared in the form of a dolphin and informed the King that a guardian now inhabits the lake.She told him that the guardian will serve him and his ancestors for as long as the lake exists.He sleeps in a cave under the lake until a master is born and then he wakes. He rises out of the water every now and then checking for his master and waiting for his instructions.The only thing that the Goddess asked for in return is that the lake be named after her. I don't know how long he has been awake or who the beast is waiting for. But bear in mind that this creature is not fake, nor is he dangerous. He is merely a servant waiting for his master.I didn't make this story up, I got the factual story from a very reliable recource. And for the scientists who will probably shoot this down, DON'T DISRESPECT THE BELIEFS OF OTHERS!!! And for those who have questions or comments E Mail Me
Myth Master <
I was looking for sites related to the ogopogo champ the loch ness monster bigfoot and the yeti and this was the only site that popped up so I thought I'd take a look.
Brian Burns <
I am looking for info on nessie
Leo Dubois

I've got no idea who you are buti was browsing for a company when I saw "nessie" as my sisters nick name is Nessie I thout I would take a look

I don't remember how I got here.I was searching for hot springs in Alaska when your site popped up. Such is the efficiency of this highly-overrated internet sesspool that we all got sucked into. Have a nice day. P.S. Keep the lake clean just in case.
Dennis Clark Anderson <
I like it veary
kyla <
Great to see the latest on Nessie!
Dave Hoyle <
It is truly wonderful to Have a such great legend off Nessie. I am very proud of Scotland and her respectful people to keep this legend alive until this momment
Mr Yong Lee <
charlie outteridge <
nessie' is stuiped I hate nessie
Trevor <
nessie well i use to always th
lance <
Hi,I belive Nessie! Everybody should, right? I belive in her so much I'm doing my book report on her. I'd like it if you send me some pictures. Thanx, Pattttttt!!!!!
Pat Hughes <
Beautiful Country!
Cheri Jones <
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I'm a believer!

It was fun Iwill come back see u soooooon
Jennifer gallacher

Enjoyed your site (still exploring!); you should really doll up your diploma more! I've been a Nessie fan for a long time - nice to see her on the web!

BELIEVE IN NESSIE!!! Very good photos. one of them is kinda fake. but it is well done. I hope we'll see her someday.


long live nessie! we believe! emilie, chloe &louis

john l kennedy <
I believe in Nessie. Don't you?
L. Ridge

there is no such thing as a loch monster you are kidding yourseves

I beleive in Nessie, too!!

Hi Nessie fans, I believe in her/him too. I would love to see pictures of nessie. please please please send me some cool pictures. Thanx.

I believe that nessie is a plesiosaurus from long long ago. I believe that she is there and when i have the time and the money i will look for her and make a picture of her to show everyone that she does live in loch ness. She(or he) is out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liesbeth <
Keep the faith, everyone. You know they're there, I know they're there. That's all that really matters. If the scientific fraternity don't want to know, that's their problem! I may be an Essex Man, but my heart and sould belongs to Dingwall, Inverness and Nessie.
Gerry Smith <
i need to finda map of the lewis and clark expidition!!! please help me One day I hope to see her.
Horace Wellons

The truely am amazed by the whole idea of the Lochness monster. I am researching a school project and would be very greatful if someone on your end could send me some information text and pictures to my e-mail address. Thanx.

Always nice to read about monsters.I have just read of a sea monster seen in the Kyle of Lochalsh c1889 in a 1932 Meccano Mag. Nessie on his holidays ?

just surfing thru thught this was great be back again wish i could visit
denise (winton) carroll

Hi, I was searching for the actual legend about Nessi, because I want to know a little more about just one more of our planet's greatest legends! I do have a little Scottish blood in me(my Granny is Scottish) and I'd love to learn everything I can about different cultures around the world. does anyone know if you can make an actual career out of knoledge about all different cultures? I have one very important goal to see every country/city in the world, starting with North/South America and moving on to Euorupe and so on. I will stop by in YOUR town someday, so be ready to make a new friend! PEACE BE FOREVER, AND GOOD-BYE!(COOL SIGHT!)
Elena R.F. <
I have just read a book about monsters and the Nessie was my favourite. I hope to go to Scotland and see her.
Daniel Sellick <
I like this site. I hope to see Nessie soon. Scotland is cool.
Lori Thompson <
We both hope that 'Nessie' receives the recognition that she deserves - and provides us with the truth! Good luck to all schoolkids who are investigating! From Ros and Kevin x
Ros and Kevin <
Scotland Is gorgeous. I'll be there in July(2000) after stopping in Ireland. Also, I love the Nessie cam. The scenery is great.
Maeve Campbell <
I've seen her, summer of 84, while on holiday with my pet dog billie, even got photo. Fantastic.
Matt Addis <
HOORAY FOR NESSIE!:) I love Nessie! Be safe, Be Well, And Best Wishes!:) God Bless Nessie!:)
Jack P <
nice to see nessie again
gary <
Love Scotland, Love Nessie!!! Really like this site, keep up the good work. I'll be watching for you Nessie!!!!!!!!!

Nessie is the King/Queen of the sea when i am able to afford to go i will visit scotland and not leave till i see NESSIE
Kyle Waterman

Nessie is yet another example of a strong female! You go, girl!
Moogy Isselhard


Hi!!!!!!!!!! My english is not so far. but i love England.And i love Nessi.I need a English or Amerikan E-mail friend.So please read me.Thanks.Your German Fan
Bianca Glaser <
Hi Nessie just surfing through,hope the loch is not to cold at present see you soon!!.

you will never find a nessy in teh zoo!!!!!!!!!!!
Gemma Parry <
Glad to info on Nessie.
Tara Knox

Off course she is a female, how could she otherwise be so wise?

Shannon Dye <
Hey guys, I believe it.
Sylvia Thomison

J. Lynch <
Long live Nessie!
Kenny De Grasse <
Our principal, Mrs. Judy Barnett,went to Scotland last summer to see if she could see Nessie. She was able to see a big dark shape in the water near her boat. Steven Kellogg will visit our school February 25. He has written a story about Nessie.
Mrs. Lee's First Grade Class <
Everything is mistery about her. Or him? I wonder if she is really a female or not...
Orsi <
I've been doing research for a school project. Your site has made it much more entertaining. I won't say I'm a full-fledged believer, but I think there's a very good chance Nessie could exist. I'll surely come back here again and I'll tell my friends about it too. Thank you for making school fun!

Theres no such thing as the loch ness monster. Stones and trees n the water thats all.Loch ness monster ha ha ha

Great website, will see it all for real again in july. Keep me informed. ta
Tim <
i love loch ness, pleae send me up to date info. The page is great
sharon <
of course Nessie is real. I wake up beside her every morning.

Pls. send me pictures, updates and scientific informations formy research/term paper
Louie Letada <
I found a lot of information about nessie on this page, information I really needed for my research paper on nessie. Thank you very much, this side is wonderful..."cool"
Lissy <
I would like to see Nessie some day. In my country we have a relative of Nessie. He lives in Bariloche, in lago Victoria an his name is Nahuelito.
Beatriz <
i really enjoyed this website and was surprised how much info i read on it .
jessie mackenzie

hi......... mail me soon.... ok... bye... ;)
Nabil <
this is awesome.The only Question is "Are You A Believer!"
Steve Sievert <
graet site!!
ron aranda <
St Columba claimed a sighting - that's good enough for me!
Jimmy Mills

I believe in the Loch Ness monster!
Shana Mason <
I spend so much time looking - if only I could see her...
Andrew Fowler <
Keep going girl!
Joyce Delgadillo <
I believe in you
adam <

i love you i live at 7 horthawn avenue
chris thrower <
hayllie ward <
Doing research for Cub Scouts. Find Nessie a very interesting topic. I have learned a lot of interesting facts visiting.
P. Kime <
Last Week in brownies for national thinking day i choose Scotland and i think my other brownie leater brought in the photograph of Nessie the loch ness monster and she brought in a poem about nessie the loch ness monster .
Samantha Benassi

-This is cool page-

i think that ness is really fascinating i'd like learn more about her.
christina c. <
Nice sight,i'll be back to check up.
Garnet Brawn <
Nice website. I live in Inverness and have been to Loch Ness lots of times

IT'S ALIVE!!!!(and he's very sweet!)
winnie c.

I visited your site and all I have to say is 'BELIEVE IN IT BABY!!!!'
Linsey T.

hi good page i have never been to loch ness but i believe there could be something. i am going to america soon to live but will be visiting loch ness this year.
david hindmarsh<
Beautiful country you have!
Roseannie <
The reason you cant find Nessie: she's on vacation over here in Australia splashing around in Darling Harbour. She'll be home soon though.
Ron McMichan <
I was there three years ago and I left part of my heart and spirit. Maybe that means I will go again some day
lee mcpharlin <
I love the whole site, especially the pictures of the surrounding areas and the webcam. Hope to visit someday!

Hi! We are some great vikings! We're making a project about You! Bye

Hi Nessie & Scotland fans, Sorry for my terrible English, I'm Suisse, but I love very very much Scotland, and when I was 4 years old, I lived there, and I miss it soooo much, Beannachd leibh! Eva
Hello Nessie Fans. Its me The Loch ness Monster. I'm on holiday in Lincolnshire. Back Tomorrow see you soon Nessie
Loch Ness Monster

I am one of the believers of the great nessie,I know he exists HE IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Liam Bunster <
I loved your website! I found tons and tons of inforamtion! I am doing a projest on Nessie and the project is called ISP! doesnt that sound big? It's for a (the project) program called SAGE. Well my name is Vanessa and my nickname is Nessy too but we spell it different!I'm 9 years old, I need more information for the ISP and thank you alot for "inventing" this website! It was/is very very interesting and helpful for me and for my ISP! Bye! Thanx again! ~*Vanessa*~
Vanessa <
Great Site! I hope to visit there some day.
James M. Clarke <
The web-site is great
Marielle Heneghan <
George A Burnett <
I Am of believer of the Loch Ness monster and happen to be doing a recearch paper on it. If anyone has any interesting, updated facts or a web site, email me. Thanks!!
Rebekah Rueck <
Ich glaube Nessi ist nichts weiter als die einbildung eines Betrunkenen Schotten naja oder Amis

Hi I was born in Nova Scotia In 1949,At the hospital in Caledonia
Dan <
Hi everybody!
Lauren <
Hi Everyone.
John P. Flagg <
I am looking for someone as ugly as me.Maybe Nessie might fit the bill. yours the ever ugly Ronaldo
Ronaldo <
I think the creature is a dinosaur! I 'm doing a 20 page research project on Nessie! I'm from Canada and there is a monster here too. Except it's nowhere near me. It's on the other side of the country and Canada is BIG! Nessie is very interesting! Cool sight by the way.
James Wilson
Rage against the machine is awesome and Tom Morello and Zack De La Rocha rock
Rage Against the Machine fan <
Hi I am a great beleiver in Nessie. I have visited the Loch many times and have stayed in a guest house over looking Urquhart Castle (were most of the sightings are this is the deepest part of the loch). However, I have not made any sightings yet !! I shall carry on visiting Lochness, maybe one day I will be lucky enough to get a shot of the beastie, and give up my career and live on the loch like Tim Dinsdale did !!!
michelle fawcett <
Nessie...I hope I get to see you this summer when I go to Scotland this summer. Love ya

I BELIEVE!!! I am 12 years old and a big fan of fantisy! I have always wished for this kind of stuff to be real. Thanks to Nessie my wish has come true. Now many people think that she is an otter or a seal ro even a piece of drift wood, but how could any of those things attract believers. Why can't Nessie be a desendant of a dinosour, or some other unknown creature that scientists haven't discovered yet? I am doing a report on Nessie for school and I'll show all my classmates and maybe even my teacher that Nessie is real and make them BEALIEVERS!!!!!
Meghan Sweeney <
jamie bisson <
I Believe!
kirsten <
Vse je mogoče! tudi Nessie lahko živi (ali pa tudi ne, kdo ve, pa čeprav samo na internetu! Sicer pa: Long live Nessie!
fredi <
Nice place you've got here, Nessie! Say "Hi" to me if you're in the neighbourhood sometime :)
Erlend <
yo,lochnessys ow yer doing

Fantastic web site,my son was doing an essay on Nessie and we discovered this site,brilliant ,keep up the good work.
Brian frae Scotland <
Hi Nessie, how are you ? Please send me an e-mail .
Vanessa Mosch <
I hope Nessie remains a mistery i love Scotland and i hope to visit it soon. Best wishes to all from Italy
Manfred Weinberger <
Great web site. I hope someday to visit Scotland and see how beautiful your country is. To all have a good new year and a safe one.
Bryan Jones <
Nessie is the bomb! I mean totally!She is real, and alive!

Amazing photos! I'll come to Scotland and visit you next summer, Nessie.
Bill Gogidis

Congratulations! You really have the most wonderful monster in the world. I write in the netmagazine Unreal World, and this month the monstercategory is about Nessie. The magazine is in swedish, but if you are intrested, so mail to me for the adress. Captain Silver
Captain Silver <
I love Nessie, and I wondre what it would be like to do it with her... Word to your matha Nessie!!!!!! p.s. "That's one for me,and one for my homies"
Danielle Guay(a.k.a.:lardo) <
Amy Rokuson please e-mail me please
Steven Rowe <
This is the first site I have ever visited .I believe in you, Nessie.
nikos Gouramanis

I have Scottish in me and there's something I've always wanted to do. Walk around the Loch, playing a bagpipe. Then, Nessie would come out of the water, we would look at each other, and then I'd continue playing, sort of like wer'e old friends. Ok, I'm weird. Teenagers are supposed to be!
Liz <
I know Nessie and I've got him right here in my backpocket. By the way, Sigfried, as his name really is, says he's not a monster, he's just a human being without any feet. Have fun and remember to name your kids after me. Tom "I'm for real" Hansen
Jacob Frandsen <
I love the lochness monster and I have been studing her since the second grade and collecting facts . I have almost got the conclusion to what she is I have happyly almost got the answer to the animal the monster is, and if its real!
Nessie lover

Nessie on the Net!