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BA has terminated all Inverness - Heathrow flights:
Instead we're left with "Ghastly Gatwick"

Latest: It looks like Gatwick is a gonner. Travel here will soon be a nightmare. If Gatwick & Heathrow have no flights to the Highlands, how the hell will many tourists get here? London airport slots are worth big bucks and we'll be giving you the low down on President Blair's forthcoming kiss-of-death to the this space. Live in the Highlands and Voted Labour? - well wait and see what they're about to do to you!

Simon-Cole Hamilton (Director, Inverness & District Chamber of Commerce):Some of his comments are amazing: Back in 98 he told this website that small businesses would not think we had done them any favours by blasting British Airways. But Mr. Simon Cole-Hamilton himself has accused BA of "ditching" our Highlands and he accused the company of a "dereliction of duty" towards this area. We agree with him - but are unhappy that he seems to think that he has a right to swipe BA, while we do not!

December 2000. British Airways is to axe many Gatwick flights. Although they have promised to keep the Inverness flights, we now need the reinstatement of our Heathrow services more than ever.

September 2000. Have you had a bad experience with an Inverness-Gatwick flight? Delay, cancellation, travel problems between Heathrow & Gatwick? Whatever the problem, write and tell us:

(10 Feb 98)- KLM UK announces termination of ALL Inverness - Stansted and Inverness - Amsterdam flights. This area is facing a desperate situation now. Luton and Gatwick are all we have left - a journey to the Highlands by air used to be a pleasure. It could now be a nightmare. Please help us.

Simon Cole-Hamilton (Director, Inverness & District Chamber of Commerce) lashes out against this website's efforts to save Highland - Heathrow Flights!

BA's withdrawal of Heathrow services is a crippling blow delivered against the Scottish Highlands. We say enough is enough...and this website is part of the fightback that is strengthening daily.

Click to Check-In! The current air travel situation is as follows:
British Regional Airways 3 flights daily Inverness - Gatwick

KLM UK Once daily Inverness - Stansted (cancelled)
and once daily Inverness - Amsterdam (cancelled)

EasyJet Once daily Inverness - Luton (two flights daily during some peak season periods)

But NOTHING, ZERO, to Heathrow!

We need your help to persuade or embarrass British Airways into restoring this vital service. Whether you live here, are going to visit or are just concerned please sign our Book of Protest. But please read these comments from Inverness & District Chamber of Commerce first...

Remember: Next time you need to "Check-In" on a flight, think about how British Airways "Checked-Out" of the Highlands.

If you don't live near London, then next time:


Inverness - Heathrow Cancelled. NO WAY BA
This website is permanently under construction! - new sections coming online as often as time allows! Please bear with us.

Disclaimer: British Airways plc is a well publicised international company - you may have heard of it in connection with a dirty tricks campaign involving Richard Branson's "Virgin Atlantic". We wish Richard all the best, as he fights his own unequal battle against this corporate shower. It is most important that you, the reader, know that British Airways has unilaterally pulled out of the Capital of the Highlands and dumped an apparently second rate service upon us. Inside this site you will discover why Gatwick Airport and British Regional Airlines are considered by us and many others (including prominent members of Highland Council and Highlands and Islands Enterprise HIE) to be a second rate alternative. We demand the return of our "smashed and grabbed" Heathrow slots and we make no apologies for highlighting British Airway's callous disregard and total failure towards the Scottish Highlands and Islands. This site launched on 8 January 1998 and will remain in operation until Inverness flights are back in operation to Heathrow. The world's favourite airline? Not here. Next time you have to fly think about how you can show British Airways just how much of a favourite they are with you.

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