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It is dark at Loch Ness between approximately 18.00 and 07:30 GMT (UTC).

It is dark at Loch Ness between 18.00 and 07.30 GMT.
The Loch Ness Investigation Bureau (LNIB) were active during the 1960’s and early 1970’s (weird beards were in fashion back then and carry on today!) and a large team of dedicated individuals kept a more or less constant vigil over the loch. Many photographs were taken of strange anomalies in the water and some of the video evidence has still not been explained.

Loch Ness plunges to a depth of over 250m (750 feet) and the crushing pressure and pitch black water has made investigation by diving more or less impossible. Nevertheless, one or two submarines have paid a visit to the bottom but have failed to locate comprehensive proof of a large monster. 

Over the years hundreds of witnesses have come forward with tales of what they have seen in or around the loch. Classic evidence includes stories of upturned boats and serpent-like necks twisting up out of the water. 

Sadly, some Loch Ness researchers now seek to debunk the possibility of unknown monsters living beneath the loch. But their evidence must be placed in context, particularly as some of the loudest debunkers are not qualified scientists. Some are formally unqualified people with their own pet theories, which they wish to see accepted by the public at large. Certainly, this website believes that a great deal of evidence exists in favour of the existence of a Loch Ness Monster phenomenon

Loch Ness is a vast and beautiful body of water. Good books about Loch Ness are available and this website suggests that visitors consider saving their money and bypassing Historic Scotland’s rip-off Urquhart Castle (now greatly spoiled by ugly commercial development) and stop at one of the many free lay-bys available along the A82 Inverness – Fort William Road. From these points, you can witness the beauty of Loch Ness first hand,and, armed with a good book, you can interpret the evidence and the mysteries for yourself on our LiveCam.