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Loch Ness Asteroid

Loch Ness Asteroid Killed Dinosaurs

An inspirational new theory has led scientists working for the Loch Ness Exploration Program to conclude that the asteroid responsible for the death of the dinosaurs crashed into Loch Ness.

"Everyone thought that the asteroid crashed into the area now known as Mexico, but in fact we believe it ploughed into the Highlands of Scotland", said Program Director, Dr. Albert Crater PhD MIoHs (59).

Loch Ness Meterorite

5 Kilometres Wide

"The asteroid probably ploughed into the earth at a declination of around 20 degrees, and, assuming it was around 5 kilometres wide, it could easily have dug out a furrow as large as Loch Ness".

Researchers have previously believed that the Great Glen fault, of which Loch Ness is but one part, was caused by the super-continent Pangea colliding with the pre-historic island of England. 

Loch Ness Extinction Event

Core Samples Taken From Beneath Loch

But if the new asteroid theory is true, it would explain the swift death of dinosaurs in the northern hemisphere and the large amount of ancient radioactive particles found around the area.

Research will now concentrate on core samples taken from beneath the loch's surface. Traces of radiation and mutated DNA could provide the proof that Loch Ness is one of the world's largest asteroid impact sites.